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Mono nuk bën pjesë në Red Hat

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There are a lot of great new programs and innovations expected in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. The Novell-led Mono project isn't one of them.
Mono is an open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET framework. It recently hit version 1.2 offering the promise of improved Windows-to-Linux .NET portability.

It is included in Linux distributions beyond Novell's SUSE Linux, including Red Hat's Fedora Core 6.

Fedora first began including Mono in Fedora Core 5, which also includes the Mono-powered Beagle desktop search, F-Spot photo management utility and Tomboy note-taking applications.

Mono is also covered for patent protection under the terms of the Novell-Microsoft deal, though Mono's developers claim that Mono is patent free and aspires to remain that way.

That said, Mono isn't in the beta 2 of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, which was recently released.


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