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ShiftLeft Finds a 97% Reduction in Open Source Software Vulnerabilities

Hën, 27/06/2022 - 1:00md
ShiftLeft has released some rare positive news on the AppSec front by reporting that based on millions of scans on its customers, they found a 97% reduction in open source software (OSS) vulnerabilities.

KaOS Linux 2022.06 Is Here

Pre, 24/06/2022 - 2:01md
KaOS, a modern open-source, well-designed KDE-focused Linux distro, has been updated to KaOS Linux 2022.06 and incorporates several bug fixes and security enhancements.

Rust in the Linux Kernel by 2023, Linus Torvalds Predicts

Enj, 23/06/2022 - 2:26md
Rust , the fast-growing systems programming language, may be merged into the Linux kernel next year, or ''maybe the next release,'' according to Linux creator Linus Torvalds .

Web App Vs. Progressive Web App: How Are They Different?

Mër, 22/06/2022 - 1:00md
Technology is developing and advancing tremendously. New inventions are delivered to the market every year and all of these improve the entire domain a lot. But because there are so many options and opportunities on the market, you might end up feeling more confused than at the beginning.

Open Source Software Security Begins to Mature

Mar, 21/06/2022 - 6:15md
Only about half of firms have an open source software security policy in place to guide developers in the use of components and frameworks, but those that do exhibit better security.