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AI Software Engineers Make $100,000 More Than Their Colleagues

Slashdot - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 7:25md
The AI boom and a growing talent shortage has resulted in companies paying AI software engineers a whole lot more than their non-AI counterparts. From a report: As of April 2024, AI software engineers in the U.S. were paid a median salary of nearly $300,000, while other software technicians made about $100,000 less, according to data compiled by salary data website The pay gap that was already about 30% in mid-2022 has grown to almost 50%. "It's clear that companies value AI skills and are willing to pay a premium for them, no matter what job level you're at," wrote data scientist Alina Kolesnikova in the report. That disparity is more pronounced at some companies. The robotaxi company Cruise, for example, pays AI engineers at the staff level a median of $680,500 -- while their non-AI colleagues make $185,500 less, according to

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Atari Buys Intellivision Brand, Ending 'Longest-Running Console War in History'

Slashdot - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 6:42md
An old-school video game rivalry has a new chapter: Atari, known for producing one of the first hit home game consoles, has announced the acquisition of long-time rival Intellivision's brand and rights to over 200 games from Intellivision Entertainment. The two companies were key players in the industry's first console war in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Atari plans to expand distribution of Intellivision games and explore new opportunities for the brand. Mike Mika, studio head at Digital Eclipse, an Atari-owned game studio, commented on the deal, saying the acquisition "ends the longest-running console war in history."

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All-Screen M5 MacBook With Foldable Display To Launch in 2026, Analyst Says

Slashdot - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 6:05md
An anonymous reader shares a report: Apple is working on all-screen foldable devices. Unlike its competitors, however, its focus seems less on foldable smartphones and tablets, and instead on an all-screen foldable laptop. Ming-Chi Kuo has previously reported that Apple was developing a 20.3-inch MacBook device for 2027, but today the analyst has shared several key new details about the futuristic MacBook model. One such detail is that Apple is now eyeing an earlier 2026 launch for the product. Here are some of the key features Kuo expects to see in the all-screen MacBook: 1. Multiple foldable screen options are still possible, with the rumored 20.3-inch display potentially replaced by an 18.8-inch panel. The former would, when folded, resemble a current 14-15-inch MacBook, while the latter would correspond better to a modern day 13-14-inch model like the smaller MacBook Air. 2. A 2026 debut is now expected for the device, one year earlier than previously reported. 3. The MacBook is expected to receive an M5-series chip, which lines up with the expected timeline of the M4 spreading to the whole Mac lineup by the end of 2025. 4. Apple's goal is to provide a crease-free design for the foldable display.

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iFixit is Breaking Up With Samsung

Slashdot - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 5:28md
iFixit and Samsung are parting ways. Two years after they teamed up on one of the first direct-to-consumer phone repair programs, iFixit CEO and co-founder Kyle Wiens tells The Verge the two companies have failed to renegotiate a contract -- and says Samsung is to blame. From a report: "Samsung does not seem interested in enabling repair at scale," Wiens tells me, even though similar deals are going well with Google, Motorola, and HMD. He believes dropping Samsung shouldn't actually affect iFixit customers all that much. Instead of being Samsung's partner on genuine parts and approved repair manuals, iFixit will simply go it alone, the same way it's always done with Apple's iPhones. While Wiens wouldn't say who technically broke up with whom, he says price is the biggest reason the Samsung deal isn't working: Samsung's parts are priced so high, and its phones remain so difficult to repair, that customers just aren't buying.

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US Sues To Break Up Ticketmaster Owner, Live Nation

Slashdot - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 4:46md
The Justice Department on Thursday said it was suing Live Nation Entertainment [non-paywalled link], the concert giant that owns Ticketmaster, asking a court to break up the company over claims it illegally maintained a monopoly in the live entertainment industry. From a report: In the lawsuit, which is joined by 29 states and the District of Columbia, the government accuses Live Nation of dominating the industry by locking venues into exclusive ticketing contracts, pressuring artists to use its services and threatening its rivals with financial retribution. Those tactics, the government argues, have resulted in higher ticket prices for consumers and have stifled innovation and competition throughout the industry. "It is time to break up Live Nation-Ticketmaster," Merrick Garland, the attorney general, said in a statement announcing the suit, which is being filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. The lawsuit is a direct challenge to the business of Live Nation, a colossus of the entertainment industry and a force in the lives of musicians and fans alike. The case, filed 14 years after the government approved Live Nation's merger with Ticketmaster, has the potential to transform the multibillion-dollar concert industry. Live Nation's scale and reach far exceed those of any competitor, encompassing concert promotion, ticketing, artist management and the operation of hundreds of venues and festivals around the world.

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SUSE: 2024:1767-1 important: python-sqlparse Security Advisory Updates - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 2:30md
* bsc#1223603 Cross-References: * CVE-2024-4340

SUSE: 2024:1768-1 moderate: postgresql14 Security Advisory Updates - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 2:30md
* bsc#1224038 * bsc#1224051 Cross-References: * CVE-2024-4317

Ubuntu 6777-4: Linux kernel (HWE) Security Advisory Updates - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 2:07md
Several security issues were fixed in the Linux kernel.

Critical Security Update for Google Chrome: Implications & Recommendations - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 1:00md
The release of Google Chrome 124 addresses four vulnerabilities, including a critical security flaw that can enable attackers to execute arbitrary code. Over the next few days or weeks, the Google Stable channel will be updated to 124.0.6367.78 for Linux. As security practitioners, Linux admins, infosec professionals, and sysadmins must be aware of the implications of such vulnerabilities and take appropriate action.

PostgreSQL Security Vulns Allow for XSS, MFA Bypass - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 1:00md
Two critical security vulnerabilities were found in pgAdmin, the open-source administration tool for PostgreSQL . The vulnerabilities assigned CVE-2024-4216 and CVE-2024-4215 affect the tool's cross-site scripting and multi-factor authentication features. As Linux admins, InfoSec professionals, and security enthusiasts, it is crucial to understand the implications of these vulnerabilities and discuss their long-term consequences for our security practices.

openSUSE: 2024:0137-1 important: chromium Advisory Security Update - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 12:04md
An update that fixes four vulnerabilities is now available.

T-Mobile Is Raising Prices On Some of Its Older Plans

Slashdot - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 12:00md
In a memo sent to employees, T-Mobile said it will be raising prices on some of its older plans, starting with the next bill. CNET reports: The memo was sent out by Jon Freier, president of T-Mobile's consumer group. The note doesn't list which plans are affected, but Freier specifically says that those on the carrier's latest assortment of Go5G plans will not see their prices increase. The same goes for the "millions of customers" who are covered by T-Mobile's Price Lock guarantee, which he says will continue to be in effect for those people. Freier says in the memo that T-Mobile is raising prices on older plans "for the first time in nearly a decade" and that the increases are designed to "keep up with rising inflation and costs." It isn't known exactly how many people will be affected by the change. The note says that it will affect a "small portion" of T-Mobile's customers. Those with free lines from the carrier will not see increases on those lines, T-Mobile confirmed to CNET. The company expects to notify all affected customers on Wednesday. T-Mobile previously tried to move customers on older, generally cheaper plans to some of its newer, pricier ones last year, only to back off the plan amid backlash. Whereas with that move people had the option to call T-Mobile's support and push back against the change, a source familiar with the company's plans tells CNET that this option won't be available with this new rate hike.

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Ubuntu 6663-3: OpenSSL updateSecurity Advisory Updates - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 11:38pd
Add implicit rejection in PKCS#1 v1.5 in OpenSSL.

Ubuntu 6783-1: VLC Security Advisory Updates - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 10:54pd
VLC could be made to crash or run programs if it received specially crafted network traffic.

RISC-V Now Supports Rust In the Linux Kernel

Slashdot - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 9:00pd
Michael Larabel reports via Phoronix: The latest RISC-V port updates have been merged for the in-development Linux 6.10 kernel. Most notable with today's RISC-V merge to Linux 6.10 is now supporting the Rust programming language within the Linux kernel. RISC-V joins the likes of x86_64, LoongArch, and ARM64 already supporting the use of the in-kernel Rust language support. The use of Rust within the mainline Linux kernel is still rather limited with just a few basic drivers so far and a lot of infrastructure work taking place, but there are a number of new drivers and other subsystem support on the horizon. RISC-V now supporting Rust within the Linux kernel will become more important moving forward. The RISC-V updates for Linux 6.10 also add byte/half-word compare-and-exchange, support for Zihintpause within hwprobe, a PR_RISCV_SET_ICACHE_FLUSH_CTX prctl(), and support for lockless lockrefs. More details on these RISC-V updates for Linux 6.10 via this Git merge.

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Hopes For Sustainable Jet Fuel Not Realistic, Report Finds

Slashdot - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 5:30pd
An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Hopes that replacement fuels for airplanes will slash carbon pollution are misguided and support for these alternatives could even worsen the climate crisis, a new report has warned. There is currently "no realistic or scalable alternative" to standard kerosene-based jet fuels, and touted "sustainable aviation fuels" are well off track to replace them in a timeframe needed to avert dangerous climate change, despite public subsidies, the report by the Institute for Policy Studies, a progressive thinktank, found. "While there are kernels of possibility, we should bring a high level of skepticism to the claims that alternative fuels will be a timely substitute for kerosene-based jet fuels," the report said. [...] In the U.S., Joe Biden's administration has set a goal for 3 billion gallons of sustainable aviation fuel, which is made from non-petroleum sources such as food waste, woody biomass and other feedstocks, to be produced by 2030, which it said will cut aviation's planet-heating emissions by 20%. [...] Burning sustainable aviation fuels still emits some carbon dioxide, while the land use changes needed to produce the fuels can also lead to increased pollution. Ethanol biofuel, made from corn, is used in these fuels, and meeting the Biden administration's production goal, the report found, would require 114m acres of corn in the U.S., about a 20% increase in current land area given over to to the crop. In the UK, meanwhile, 50% of all agricultural land will have to be given up to sustain current flight passenger levels if jet fuel was entirely replaced. "Agricultural land use changes could threaten global food security as well as nature-based carbon sequestration solutions such as the preservation of forests and wetlands," the report states. "As such, SAF production may actively undermine the Paris agreement goal of achieving greatly reduced emissions by 2050." Chuck Collins, co-author of the report, said: "To bring these fuels to the scale needed would require massive subsidies, the trade-offs would be unacceptable and would take resources aware from more urgent decarbonization priorities." "It's a huge greenwashing exercise by the aviation industry. It's magical thinking that they will be able to do this." Phil Ansell, director of the Center for Sustainable Aviation at the University of Illinois, added: "There's an underappreciation of how big the energy problem is for aviation. We are still many years away from zero pollution flights. But it's true that the industry has been slow to pick things up. We are now trying to find solutions, but we are working at this problem and realizing it's a lot harder than we thought. We are late to the game. We are in the dark ages in terms of sustainability, compared to other sectors."

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Amazon Plans To Give Alexa an AI Overhaul, Monthly Subscription Price

Slashdot - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 4:02pd
According to CNBC, Amazon plans to enhance its Alexa voice assistant with generative AI and introduce it to customers through a monthly subscription service. While the price point has yet to be determined, sources say it will not be included in the company's $139-per-year Prime offering. From the report: The team is now tasked with turning Alexa into a relevant device that holds up amid the new AI competition, and one that justifies the resources and headcount Amazon has dedicated to it. It has undergone a massive reorganization, with much of the team shifting to the artificial general intelligence, or AGI, team, according to the three sources. Others pointed to bloat within Alexa, a team of thousands of employees. As of 2023, Amazon said it had sold more than 500 million Alexa-enabled devices, giving the company a foothold with consumers. [...] One source estimated the cost of using generative AI in Alexa at 2 cents per query, and said a $20 price point was floated internally. Another suggested it would need to be in a single-digit dollar amount, which would undercut other subscription offerings. OpenAI's ChatGPT charges $20 per month for its advanced models. Still, they point to Alexa's installed user base, with devices in hundreds of millions of homes, as an opportunity. Those who worked on Alexa say the fact that it's already in people's living rooms and kitchens makes the stakes higher, and mistakes more costly if Alexa doesn't understand a command or provides unreliable information. [...] Amazon will use its own large language model, Titan, in the Alexa upgrade, according to a source.

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US Lawmakers Advance Bill To Make It Easier To Curb Exports of AI Models

Slashdot - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 3:25pd
The House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly to advance a bill that would make it easier for the Biden administration to restrict the export of AI systems, citing concerns China could exploit them to bolster its military capabilities. From a report: The bill, sponsored by House Republicans Michael McCaul and John Molenaar and Democrats Raja Krishnamoorthi and Susan Wild, also would give the Commerce Department express authority to bar Americans from working with foreigners to develop AI systems that pose risks to U.S. national security. Without this legislation "our top AI companies could inadvertently fuel China's technological ascent, empowering their military and malign ambitions," McCaul, who chairs the committee, warned on Wednesday. "As the (Chinese Communist Party) looks to expand their technological advancements to enhance their surveillance state and war machine, it is critical we protect our sensitive technology from falling into their hands," McCaul added. The Chinese Embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The bill is the latest sign Washington is gearing up to beat back China's AI ambitions over fears Beijing could harness the technology to meddle in other countries' elections, create bioweapons or launch cyberattacks.

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next-20240523: linux-next

Kernel Linux - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 3:08pd
Version:next-20240523 (linux-next) Released:2024-05-23

FCC Chair Proposes Disclosure Rules For AI-Generated Content In Political Ads

Slashdot - Enj, 23/05/2024 - 2:45pd
FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel has proposed (PDF) disclosure rules for AI-generated content used in political ads. "If adopted, the proposal would look into whether the FCC should require political ads on radio and TV to disclose when there is AI-generated content," reports Quartz. From the report: The FCC is seeking comment on whether on-air and written disclosure should be required in broadcasters' political files when AI-generated content is used in political ads; proposing that the rules apply to both candidates and issue advertisements; requesting comment on what a specific definition of AI-generated comment should look like; and proposing that disclosure rules be applied to broadcasters and entities involved in programming, such as cable operators and radio providers. The proposed disclosure rules do not prohibit the use of AI-generated content in political ads. The FCC has authority through the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act to make rules around political advertising. If the proposal is adopted, the FCC will take public comment on the rules. "As artificial intelligence tools become more accessible, the Commission wants to make sure consumers are fully informed when the technology is used," Rosenworcel said in a statement. "Today, I've shared with my colleagues a proposal that makes clear consumers have a right to know when AI tools are being used in the political ads they see, and I hope they swiftly act on this issue."

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